Class-centred teaching

Two years ago while I was editing an IATEFL Culture and Literature SIG magazine in Hungary I came across the work of Rose Senior. This powerpoint presentation,  classroom metaphors,  is based on her book “The Experience of Language Teaching” which won the Ben Warren prize in 2005.

We have been in regular touch since and had the pleasure to accompany her to classrooms in Budapest in the autumn of last year. Rose had the same PdD supervisor as one of my tutors at Lancaster on my MA in 1991/2, Mike Breen and we found that we had much in common. Many of the quotes are taken from the teachers that Rose interviewed and the images were added by me.

One thought on “Class-centred teaching

  1. Since you already mentioned the book that I read before and trying to share it to my co-language teacher then let me leave some comment about it. The book “The Experience of Language Teaching” is the book which every library in the world should have. Of course the goal is to let the language teachers, trainee and even the students if possible to know the wealth of experience for being a language teacher. This book gives me more inspiration to continue my career. No not just a career but a very important role of my life. It seems like a book of enlightenment for every teacher who lose their battle in their career.

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